We are experts in residential interior remodeling and furnishings, with specializations in kitchens and bathrooms. We know, better than anybody, how unnerving it can be to rip your home apart and put it back together. How do we know? Because we have been through it with our clients countless times. We know that renovations and updates can be extremely stress-full. Our goal is to make you stress-less during the process.

Reveal Studio has developed and utilizes a proven renovation process that includes:

  • Working with you to map out your dreamlist. We cannot go anywhere until we determine the destination.
  • Space planning to create a well-functioning space. Function over form is a guiding principle. It does not matter how beautiful a bathroom looks if there is no place for your toothbrush or to conveniently hang a towel to dry.
  • Developing a computerized model of how your space will look so you know exactly what to expect
  • Superior product and project management to ensure the final design is exactly what we created together
  • An unwavering desire to keep your project on schedule and on budget
  • Hand-holding and reassurances as needed

Our company values are authenticity, honesty, integrity, and let’s-make-them-happy! The team of specialized designers – including art, cabinetry, furniture, lighting, and window treatments – strives to reflect your personality and create your dream space. “It’s vastly important to incorporate personal items that have great meaning to the homeowner,” says Michelle Strausbaugh, Owner and Principal Designer. Reveal Studio’s designs tend to be uncluttered and streamlined. Every piece is carefully selected for its place in the final composition or for its special meaning to the homeowner.

Reveal Studio is based in San Diego, but has worked on projects throughout the United States. You will see our designs fastidiously reflecting clients’ style and interests in California, Maryland, Minnesota, Texas and Utah. If you are excited about remodeling your home and a little bit terrified but willing to explore, contact us to schedule a meeting. We believe taking the time to make sure your design/build team is right for you will save you sleepless nights and anxious days. We hope that team is us.