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Project Description

“Beauty from the Ashes” played throughout the house during Susan’s Home Rebuilt Party. Only a year ago, this lot was leveled by a fire. Not a brush fire that Southern California is used to seeing, but rather a misplaced rag left on the engine block from a recent professional oil change.  Moments after parking the car in the garage, the house was engulfed in flames.  They lost everything.  The family was lucky to escape.

Like other victims of disaster, Susan’s emotions fluctuated between utter devastation at her loss, and infinite joy that everyone survived.  Her dream became to rebuild, to guide her family past their loss as quickly as possible.  Construction began, and her hope of a quick process faded.  “What kind of doors do you want? Where do you want the light switches? Where is the plumbing for the tub?” This was only the beginning of the decision and planning process, and she was completely overwhelmed.  Susan was looking for a compassionate partner to help her through the rebuilding process and the design choices.  We are so fortunate that she picked us!

We truly believe interior environments have healing powers, and no one deserved a healing space more than she. After pouring through magazines and websites together, our concept developed and was dubbed “Modern Glam.” We met weekly to make decisions toward creating her family’s new home.

Touring Susan’s home during the party, we could not stop smiling. With every decision complete, every project installed, and every “glam” detail placed, this house had become a home. All around were family and friends, cooking in the kitchen, watching the game in the great room, and laughing and joking.  Beauty from the ashes indeed.

Special thanks to San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine for awarding this Winner 2013 Bath of the Year