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Project Description

A couple in Coronado Cays had taken up home brewing as a hobby. The brewing equipment was in the garage and the kegorator refrigerator was located in a rarely used, small guest room.  They had an idea – what if we turned this guest room into a beer room?  They reached out to our design team to see what could be done.  At the initial meeting, Michelle said, “Sure, we could turn it into a beer room, but what if we tear down the wall between these two small rooms and make an amazing club room, with a long bar and a library complete with a secret door!”  The team was off and running.  Power Builders removed the wall and reframed the space to include the beer and wine refrigerated room.

Rich Walker, artisan extraordinaire, was brought in to build the complicated wall-to-wall bookshelf made of reclaimed wood.  The wall he created houses the TV, electric fireplace, and an incredible secret, swinging door that opens into a refrigerated room, appropriately referred to as the Chill Room.  The beer lines run through the wall behind the 12’ bar to connect the nitrogen and four-tap tower to the kegs kept in the Chill Room.  Photos from their many travels hang over the sofa, and the conversation chairs are easily moved to accommodate various gatherings.

Before and After Photos