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Project Description

Scott and Vivian purchased a beautiful Bankers Hill condo that was almost completely renovated.  The last room to be updated was the master bath.  The room had no natural light and the tub space was oversized and awkward.  They wanted to keep the same layout and the large mirrors over the vanity, while giving the room an updated look.

Reveal Studio was retained to make a contemporary bath space with neutral colors that would tie in with the rest of the condo, while still keeping Scott and Vivian’s requests in mind.

In most remodels, more walls are taken down than built up, however, in this project a pony wall was added between the tub and the shower.  The new wall served as a stable surface for a decorative grab bar and created an area for niches on both tub and shower sides.   A narrower tub made the space more comfortable and created an area to sit on the tub deck.

In order to update the mirrored walls at the vanity, the existing mirrors were modified and framed by tile.  A horizontal grain zebra wood veneer was chosen to keep the beiges interesting.  The custom cabinet fabricator book-matched the grains to maintain the beauty of the wood’s natural lines.

Other updates included replacing almond colored fixtures with white, and installing frameless glass in place of the brass shower enclosure.  Outdated black baffled recessed cans were removed, and new recessed lights were strategically placed.

Posted by Michelle Strausbaugh

Before and After Photos